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Schaad Ideation is the design group founded by Carl Schaad. It encompasses print, web and wireless design, but more importantly practices the art of ideation. Genuinely innovative ideas are hard to come by, and finding people who are consistently creative is harder still. Schaad Ideation can develop design solutions for any challenge - as well as develop the ideas that propel businesses and causes forward.

This website was created so that you could get to know me and my work. While it's important to see the work of a potential partner it's just as important to find the "right fit." Personality and temperament matter when you are selecting someone to dream with you - and that's what ideation is: dreaming and imagining what can be, and working together to make it reality. To that end feel free to see how you can contact me or visit my portfolio to see my work.

And thank you so much for stopping by!

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